About Marz Daily Media

There are many corners of the Internet, and this one is mine. Welcome, Humanoids.

_3LN0823-EditThe content you find here may remind you of other sites in your daily rotation. But the difference at Marz Daily Media is that you won’t find superlative-laden click bait or re-posts of video clips and articles passed off as journalism (sorry, no quizzes, either).

Instead, help yourself to a diverse array of original content: satirized current events, reviews, essays, and podcasts, all created to question the status quo and call attention to how contemporary culture perpetuates it.

More specifically, per the categories listed above:

“News” – Get the latest news that is fit to make fun of. For how absurd current events continue to be, these made up versions almost write themselves

Entertainment – Reviews, previews, completely subjective list articles, and other posts related to film, theater, television, music, and literature

Podcasts The entire library of Marz Media Podcasts:

  • The McLean DeSalvo Report (sports)
  • Brothers from Another Planet (race and entertainment)
  • Lady Bits (gender politics, sexuality)
  • The Marz Media Podcast (interviews)

Society – Commentaries on current events from a more serious perspective


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